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Deputy Commissioner of Gopalganj Shahida Sultana

Mijanur Rahman Manik,
Gogalganj district is the birthplace of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the great architect of Bangladesh’s independence. Officials of Gopalganj district administration and other government departments are working to ensure public service in a corruption-free and harassment-free manner with the overall cooperation of local people as per the directives of Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to deliver government services to the doorsteps of the people.

At the initiative of the district administration, 15 special innovative initiatives have been taken in the fiscal year 2019-2020.

On ‎Thursday (November19, 2020), the Deputy Commissioner of Gopalganj Shahida Sultana confirmed this information to our correspondent.

Many service seekers come to the Deputy Commissioner’s office every day from far and wide, many of whom fall prey to the officials / employees of the office or outside brokers as they have no idea about them and are harassed in various ways including bribery. For this reason, an office glossary board with pictures, names and surnames of the branch-based officers and employees of the office has been set up at the entrance of the office, so that the service seekers can easily get an idea about the person outside the office by looking at the board.

Quick Service Delivery Point: Quick Service Delivery Point has been set up on the ground floor of the DC office to ensure hassle free public service in a pleasant environment and to promote government services to international standards. Where people of all classes and professions can easily avail their services without any hassle through One Stop Service in an air-conditioned room digitally without harassment.

Gopalganj Model: One-Stop Learner Driving License has been issued to about 15,000 driving license seekers by setting up one-stop service camps from August to December 2019 at the union level in all upazilas of the district with the aim of delivering services to the doorsteps of the people. Subsequently, a professional driver pool of about 2000 persons has been created from among them, from which employment opportunities have been created in various organizations at home / abroad.

Integrated Agriculture (Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock) Services and Primary Health Care for Senior Citizens: In order to bring healthcare to the doorsteps of the people in November / December 2019, spot blood pressure diagnosis, diabetes diagnosis, orthopedics, nose-ear-throat, gynecological examination, dermatology etc. and free Medicines are distributed. Health services were provided to 5200 senior citizens under integrated health services by setting up camps up to the union level. Similarly, under the Integrated Agricultural Services Service at Door Step Model, 12,000 farmers were provided on-spot agriculture, fisheries and livestock services. Through this, efforts are underway to ensure service to the people in the team building process by developing inter-relationships between different departments of the government.

Family Identity Card: Lack of any family-based supported database creates various complications in the selection of actual service seekers in government safety programs and other services provided. To solve this problem, a database of 3 lakh families with information of each family of Gopalganj district has been created at the initiative of the district administration during the ongoing Kovid-19 infection. This database is constantly being updated through web applications. This makes it possible to select suitable people to provide government assistance, avoid duplication and ensure equitable distribution of resources and make the various types of services / cooperation provided by the government easily visible.

Providing bicycles to 700 female students: Bicycles have been distributed to 700 female students in 5 upazilas of Gopalganj district for the expansion of women’s education, prevention of dropouts, motivation in education and making women self-confident and self-reliant.

Online CV Bank: The online CV bank has been set up to create a link between job seekers and employers to solve the unemployment problem in the district. A total of four thousand CVs have been uploaded here. From there, any employer will be able to offer the job to the candidate through interview as per their need.

Pitching Program: The district administration has been organizing pitching programs since November 2019 with the objective of creating potential entrepreneurs by creating an investment platform through training the educated unemployed population. In this session, the new entrepreneurs get an opportunity to present their project work plan in front of various banks and investment institutions and accordingly the investing institution can select the project choice of the entrepreneurs. Under this program, from November 2019 to June 2020, a loan of around Tk 2 crore and 70 lakhs has been provided to 16 entrepreneurs. Through which employment of about 2 hundred unemployed youths has been created.

Training activities on animal skin protection techniques in a scientific way: In order to expand the leather industry, create entrepreneurs and prevent the harm of leather, training activities on animal skin protection techniques have been started in a scientific way at the initiative of Gopalganj district administration. Which is later being implemented across the country through the Department of Youth Development.

Integrated Trainee Management System: Every year a large number of trainees are provided training in various trades by various departments for the purpose of skill enhancement. But as there is no integrated database, no information is available as to whether their training generates income-generating activities after these trainings, or even whether these trainees are often identified. For this reason, an integrated trainee management system has been introduced in Gopalganj for the purpose of trade-based identification of trained persons by all government departments.

A virtual kitchen network has been created for the self-employment of housewives. Through this, healthy food prepared in their own kitchen is being provided to various meetings and seminars. This is going to ensure healthy food on the one hand, on the other hand is creating employment opportunities for women.

Bringing the whole Gopalganj city under CCTV cameras: The whole Gopalganj city has been brought under CCTV cameras to establish a clean city and control the overall law and order in the city. Through this, the installation of cameras at important points in the five-kilometer area of the city is underway.

Biometric attendance for all teachers and students: Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman dreamed of building a golden Bengal through children. In order to fulfill that dream, an initiative was taken to introduce biometric attendance for teachers and students in 82 primary schools of Gopalganj district simultaneously to prevent drop out of school, create conducive environment for education and ensure effective monitoring. This will enable the concerned officials to monitor the real time attendance dashboard of any school in the district while sitting in the DC office, district primary education office, primary education department or secretariat during school hours.

Land Counseling: Land counseling sessions are organized with the participation of service recipients and service providers to make land services accessible to the marginalized land owners by setting up various one-stop camps including distribution of LA checks at the doorsteps of the people free from harassment and corruption. These activities have stopped the violence of brokers as well as facilitated access to land services and increased people’s awareness about land.

Apan Alo Jalo: Cultural Club, Sports Club, Bangladesh Club in Heart, Integrity Club will be formed in every school including online program ‘Ha-Ja-Ba-Ra-La’ and Teenagers’ curiosity under Apan Alo Jalo program with the aim of making children and adolescents self-confident and patriotic. Besides, karate training is going on in different schools.#


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